Fast, Secure and Reliable Hosting and Infrastucture

Hosting and Infrastucture

When it comes to your website, speed matters. All of our hosting and infrastructure clients are setup in Amazon Web Services alongside the likes of Adobe and Netflix. We carefully tune our servers to use the latest technology like Nginx with HTTP/2 and PHP 7.x for an almost 2x speed-up versus other hosting providers.

We also make sure your services are secure and PCI compliant. We deploy several layers of security following industry best practices at the server and network levels. We control who has access to what with fine-grained controls and safeguards to prevent unauthorized access.

Backups are included with all plans and fully automated for files, databases and servers. You will never lose anything and can revert any file to any previous version.

Hosting and Infrastructure Services

Automatic HTTPS

Automatic, self-renewing TLS/SSL support. Never pay for or worry about certificates.

Automatic Updates

Automatic server and system upgrades along with automatic WordPress upgrades (if applicable).

Automatic Backups

Automatic file, database and server backups. Never lose anything, even if things go sideways.

Logging & Monitoring

Uptime and log monitoring powered by the Elastic Stack for unprecedented transparency.

Domains & DNS

Domain and DNS management included. Never worry about mail records or subdomains again.

PCI Compliance

Network and server-level security in line with PCI compliance requirements.

Version Control

Git-backed version control for all site files. Know what changed, when, and rollback if necessary.

Unlimited & Unmetered

Unlimited file storage, unmetered bandwidth. Unlimited databases and sites for dedicated packages.


All hosting packages are fully-managed through Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is used by companies like Adobe and Netflix to provide unparalleled speed and reliability. Dedicated and Custom packages are managed using AWS Organizations which provides client-specific dashboards and accounts and the ability to completely take over your AWS account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure are your servers and services?

We enable automatic upgrades for all servers when possible so fixes and updates are automatically applied. Users needing access are whitelisted using key-only authentication, no passwords. We use an on-server firewall and IPS to curb abuse. We use whitelist-only ACLs and security groups at the networking layer. All system activity is sent to our central logging stack for automatic ingestion and alerting.

All passwords are automatically generated, never reused and stored in a secure password vault with limited access.

We have never had a security incident with any of our AWS-managed services.

Can you tell me more about backups?

We automatically back up all files and databases for each client for all packages. Files are managed using Git for fine-grained version control and also backed up to S3 with versioning for up to one year. Databases are backed up daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Servers are backed up nightly.

Whether you need that one file from two weeks ago or you want the entire database or server restored from several days ago we can handle it!

Do I need to pay for SSL certificates?

Not at all! While in the past TLS/SSL certificates were expensive and cumbersome they can now be obtained for free from Let’s Encrypt and automatically managed using Certbot.

We can absolutely purchase and work with manual certificates, but we generally recommend automating things when possible.

Can you help me migrate from my current hosting provider?

Absolutely! No matter who your current provider may be, we can help move your sites and services. We’ve worked with all major providers and specialize in zero-downtime migrations.

Can you host my Windows server or services?

We can absolutely host Windows-based solutions. We can help setup or move your Windows-based services including support for Windows Server, Microsoft .NET, and Microsoft SQL Server along with automatic or bring-your-own licensing.