Set Up, Configuration, and Implementation

Analytics Implementation

Having proper web analytics is critical to monitoring your Key Perfomance Indicators (KPI) and directly impact your ability ability to make proper decisions about our business and budget allocations.

It’s important that you’re both recieving and analyzing accurate data – and – that you understand what that data means.

Let’s face it, web analytics can be overwhelming, especially if you have other priorities. We’re here to help.  We’ll take the time to audit your current analytics installations, make sure that your data accounts are properly set-up and configured, and to provide reports and information as needed.


We’ll make sure that you’re armed with the right data so you can make the best decisions about your business.

Analytics Auditing

We evaluate your analytics implementation to ensure accuracy and identify any areas in need of improvement.


Set-Up & Configuration

We properly code analytics tracking on your website and then configure the platform based upon your needs.

Data Analysis

We analyze your data and provide custom reports on a predetermined schedule and based upon your metrics.

Here’s What People Are Saying

Analytic Approach

“Clockwork has an analytic approach to complicated projects and are great team players. They have a positive energy that always rubs off on everyone else around them. They’re always up on new technologies, and are my best resource for new and trending information.”

–Brett Byrnes, TKS Security


“Robert is a detailed-orientated project manager for online marketing that watches the budget for both in-house and client like a hawk. On the few projects we collaborated together I was able to witness his ability to think outside of the box and narrow in on trending points that only a talented person as him would be able to notice so quickly and with innovation. He is like a number wizard! It was a pleasure to work with him and would again in a heartbeat.”

–Angeline D’Balentine

Go-To Resource

“Clockwork is a knowledgeable and reliable marketing agency. The approach they bring to projects is innovative and professional. It felt like the people at Clockwork were part of our team rather than our service provider and I consider Clockwork as a “go-to” resource for digital marketing and website development advice and consultation.”

–Mark Stephens, 906 Capital