WordPress Migration

ECI Healthcare Partners

What We Did:

WordPress is one of our all-time favorite web platforms—and arguably the most popular content management platform in the world.

Our friends at ECI Healthcare partners wanted to harness the power and freedom of the WordPress CMS for their eHealth website by migrating to WordPress.

The problem was, they really liked the style and layout of their current website. We worked with ECI in the past and they were aware of our attention to detail when it comes to development and plugin projects.

So they approached us about this WordPress Migration dilemma, and our response was;

“No Problem”!

wordpress migration eci website

Additional Features:

Visual Builder

Not only did we migrate the website to WordPress, but we also installed the Divi visual builder to the WordPress back-end making content editing a breeze.

Slider Integration

We recreated the existing Adobe Animate slider using Slider Revolution to ensure that our client could change the homepage visual content without using external software.

Hosting & Backups

ECI chose to have Clockwork host and maintain this website to ensure a quick response in the event the website was compromised or needed technical support.

The Nitty Gritty:

We created a near pixel perfect recreation in of their existing site in WordPress.

Not only did we develop a new WordPress theme, but we also added a visual builder on the back-end. This make it really easy for ECI to update and re-position content and to add landing pages and forms!  Not just simple… drag-and-drop simple!

On top of that, we made certain that everything was responsive to look great on mobile devices and added an animated banner to welcome and engage visitors! Finally, because they needed the site launched quickly, this entire WordPress Migration took less than two-weeks to fully complete.

eci wordpress migration website