Wifi Hotspot Branding

City of Frankfort

What We Did:

We helped the City of Frankfort implement their city-wide wireless internet program. Most noteworthy was the development of wifi hotspot branding for the city’s gateway pages. We designed, developed, and integrated custom branded wireless gateway pages into their current wireless network.

Anyone wishing to use the citywide wifi must login and agree to provide their email address for marketing purposes, which allows the user’s email address to be stored and gives the city the ability to communicate with and market to users through email. As a result the city now has a effective wifi marketing solution.

Furthermore, we also created an official wifi logo for the city during this project—which we absolutely love! <3


wifi hotspot branding page

Additional Features:

Unique Experience

The imagery for the login screen changes randomly giving users a unique login experience along some breathtaking imagery of the city.

Mail Integration

The system is synced with MailChimp to allow for mass communication to Frankfort residents or marketing messages to visitors and tourists

Ad Rotation

The system also has a built in ad rotation system that can be enabled at any time to allowing the city to increase passive advertising revenue at anytime.

The Nitty Gritty:

We integrated a flat HTML/PHP website into the controller software of a city-wide Ubiquity wireless network. We built a fully working prototype in our office and then partnered with TKS Security for access to finalize the installation on the city’s network. As a result, the city now has a branding wireless hotspot which can be used for advertising and marketing.  All the while providing a quick and easy login access for city residents and tourists!

frankfort wifi hotspot branding logo