Startup Branding

AGL Analytics

What We Did:

906 Capital is an amazing company that loves to invest in new companies—and they knew the importance of branding for startups. 906 got referred to Clockwork in 2015 because of our work with another client, and requested our help in creating a startup branding package and a corporate website for their latest venture.

Through our discovery process, meetings, communication and research, a new brand was started from scratch. That new brand was AGL Analytics! We worked with the team at AGL to create startup branding and identity including: name, logo, color scheme, creative strategy, voice, brand guidelines, and much more.

With all the startup branding elements in place, we began the process of website development to create an awesome online experience and created a promotional video to showcase AGL’s amazing service

logo used for startup branding

Additional Features:

Brand Style Guide

We created a style guide to ensure that this start-up had defined guidelines for logo, fonts, colors, and images—consistency enforces brand recognition! 🙂

Logo Design

We created a crisp and clean logo that subtly tells the story of how this startups new and forward thinking technology works to complete it’s aerial services.

Launch Strategy

We helped AGL try to “hit the ground running” by creating outreach collateral, presentations, and videos designed to generate a buzz with potential customers and drive early sales.

The Nitty Gritty:

We worked with AGL Analytics from conception to the launch of the startup. We designed the logo, website, and all the initial marketing collateral needed for AGL to “get off the ground”.

We helped them to create an identity that epitomized their advanced position in the unmanned drone industrial marketplace.

Since the services provided by AGL Analytics was a cutting edge and new way to perform surveys and complex inspections their startup branding had to be pioneering, educational, and informative. We decided that it made sense to make AGL both visual and informative.

To compliment the new brand, we helped create a pitch deck, custom built website, and capabilities video.

startup branding collateral