Non-Profit Website

Maddy's Friend

What We Did:

Maddy’s Friend is a fully-responsive WordPress-based non-profit website.

After experiencing the death of a close friend, our client wanted to build a resource to help other people experiencing depression. We helped her achieve her goal by developing a non-profit website that could be used as a tool to help disseminate information to anyone experiencing depression and to help prevent teen suicide.

This website features an easy-to-use WordPress visual builder and CMS designed to make it easy for the client to add content, news, videos, and tools. It allows them to easily manage everything in one place, allowing them to get off the ground quickly without hours of training.

This project completely was funded by a generous anonymous business owner in the Traverse City area.


non-profit website

Additional Features:

Logo Design

We created the logo and visual identity for Maddy’s Friend. We went with a text logo as our client wanted to keep things simple and keep the focus on her material.


Our client was new to non-profit organizations, so we helped her create her new brand, organize website content, and locate resources for her online audience.

Hosting & Mainenance

Since our client is extremely busy, we provided worry-free hosting and maintenance for Maddy’s Friend.  That means regular backups and total peace-of-mind.

The Nitty Gritty:

We built a professional website for a local non-profit startup in Traverse City, Michigan.

The website featured:

  • Custom imagery
  • CMS with a visual content builder
  • Logo Design
  • Set-up for Drag and drop forms
  • Custom build blog templates
  • Multiple page types
  • Content on-boarding
  • Technical consultation
  • Hosting & maintenance

Check out the website here:

non profit website screenshot