Niche eCommerce Stores

Britten Innovations

What We Did:

When the Britten Innovations team decided that they wanted to make it easy for their customers to purchase a few of their flagship products 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, they enlisted us to help make it happen. So we created created a pair of small, niche eCommerce stores dedicated to their most popular items, BannerSaver and LED Frames:

Britten Innovations is the  “think-tank” within the Britten Studios group of companies for product design. They engineer and sell some really cool, high-quality display solutions to compliment companies the world renowned printing services.


wordpress niche ecommerce store

Additional Features:

Product Wizard

We developed a custom plugin for! The WordPress plugin helps to ensure that customers buy the right product solution to fit their specific needs.

Custom Users

We created and implemented a system that allows Britten to give specific customers the ability to purchase large product orders on account.

Shipping Integration

We integrated with our clients FedEx shipping account.  This ensures that their specific rates are used for regular orders and that freight orders are shipped correctly.

The Nitty Gritty:

Though these websites were small, they were rich with features:

  • Custom WordPress websites
  • CMS with a visual content builders
  • Custom “Advisor Tool” Plugin
  • WooCommerce and payment gateway set-up
  • Logo Design
  • Copy writing
  • Custom animated slider designs
  • FedEx integration
  • Set-up for Drag and drop forms
  • Custom user based shipping methods
  • Product onboarding and shipping set-up

Basically these sites were loaded with everything a niche eCommerce store needs to become fully operational, and our turnaround times was really quick! As an added bonus, we got to work with some great folks and some amazing products!