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What We Did:

One of our Clients, Emergency Consultants, Inc. was a sponsored partner at a big event, and they were hosting the evenings festivities!

They enlisted our help to create this animated logo loop that played on monitors all throughout the venue! The video was intended to make the conference attendees away of the parties—and generate a little buzz (no pun intended).  We worked hand-in-hand with ECI’s internal design team as a white label partner to build a storyboard and creative assets, then we got to work on the animation and soundtrack.

We think the video was almost as epic as the festivities!

Additional Features:

Fast Turnaround

This project had a to be completed quickly, without sacrificing quality. We worked rapidly using a very hands-on communicative project management system to meet the client deadline.

Team Work

We worked very closely with our contacts at EC throughout the entire processI to ensure that the logo loop video stayed on brand and matched their creative vision.

White Label

We acted as a member of the ECI team for this creative project. We used our technical experience to help their creative team execute a design created in-house!