Hubspot Blog Export Plugin

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What We Did:

The Hubspot Blog Export Plugin is a staff favorite here at Clockwork. We had a client with hundreds of blog posts hosted on their Hubspot blog platform. However, this client found that they no longer had the need for Hubspot, in fact they were leaving Hubspot. Here’s the rub, getting content into Hubspot is EASY, but exporting data out of Hubspot and into a WordPress website isn’t nearly as straight forward.

Moving hundreds of blog posts manually didn’t seem feasible—it would have been a very frustrating and time consuming process. There also weren’t any automated tools or plugins available either, leaving our customer in a difficult situation.

So we developed a solution.  We created a custom WordPress plugin that makes migrating blog content from Hubspot to WordPress a quick and painless process.

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wordpress hubspot blog export plugin

Additional Features:

Quick Import

Just upload and install the Hubspot Blog Export Plugin, add some information about your Hubspot account, and run the process! Your WordPress blog will be ready lickity-split!

Post Selector

The plugin allows the user to select and export specific blog posts.  This means that users can pick and choose to export as many or as few posts as they choose—making this a simple and versatile solution.

Full Imports

The Hubspot Blog Export Plugin exports and imports all blog content. Post attributes, Images, Paths, Copy, and More are migrated seamlessly into WordPress. Images are also saved in the Media Library.

The Nitty Gritty:

We created a plugin that can be installed in your WordPress CMS.  Once the plugin has been installed migrating blog posts is simple.  The import tool:

  • Adds an interface to the WordPress “Tools” menu
  • Allows you to add your Hubspot account information
  • Access relevant Hubspot information
  • The plugin shows a list of all the blog posts in your Hubspot account
  • You select the posts that you want to import into your WordPress website
  • Start the import process—easy peazy!

The Hubspot Blog Export Plugin sets all post attributes, imports post image into the WordPress Media Library, and updates all paths.

It even shows the status of each of the post as it imports!

hubspot blog import plugin for wordpress