Event Logo Design

Fife Lake Car Show

What We Did:

Around the 4th of July every year the Fife Lake Chamber of Commerce puts on the The Fife Lake Car Show. The event can draw over 100 cars and takes place in beautiful Downtown Fife Lake, it’s a car enthusiasts dream!

For the 2017 show, they asked us to update some creative assets, including the event logo.

We jumped right in on the project because:

  1. We love working with small, local organizations
  2. We love Fife Lake
  3. We knew that would be a really fun project

And we were right, the project was a lot of fun!

event logo design

Additional Features:

Retro Design

We gave the logo a “vintage” look and feel, but without making the vibe too “old school”.

Quick Turn

This project needed to be completed quickly to hit an ordering deadline. We were able to turn things over in just a few days!


For budget reasions, we designed this logo for multiple event use.  Leaving time specific elements out of the design.

The Nitty Gritty:

We delivered a logo with a vintage look that seemed to fit the overall aesthetic of the show. We wanted to make sure that the Chamber could use the logo for the next few years, so we left out any elements that might “date” the creative.

We also created a promotional poster that combines the new logo with elements of the local charm that makes Fife Lake an annual tourist destination and wonderful place to call home. Think Route 66 meets Northern Michigan cottage life!

We also had to work quickly to ensure that we had all the files delivered while leaving the Chamber plenty of time to get things like posters, flyers, and t-shirts printed prior to the event.

car show flyer