Capabilities Video

AGL Analytics

What We Did:

Aside from our heavy involvement in the creation of the AGL Anayltics corporate identity, we also created this promotional capabilities video.

We were involved through the entire process from initial conception and story boarding through to post-production.

During pre-production we spent time with the team at AGL discussing capabilities, value propositions, competition, and target audience. With a foundation built, we brainstormed format, content, messaging, and filming logistics.

Additional Features:


Being that AGL was one of the first companies develop this type of service, we worked together with them to get a complete understanding of what they wanted to convey.

Story Boarding

We put together a storyboard that allowed for the seamless transition between the staff interviews and the on-location work being performed by the AGL team on location.

Filming & Post

This was a true soup-to-nuts project. We worked through the entire process from the very beginning to completion… including filming, editing, and post production.

The Nitty Gritty:

Once the planning was complete, we traveled with AGL to several filming locations. The meticulous planning really paid-off for this project as we were able to film and art direct while AGL was able to complete real work—it was amazing!

It gave us unprecedented access to the team, allowed AGL to generate revenue while participating in the project, and gave the film an amazing degree of authenticity.

During post-production, we incorporated client feedback into the final product to make certain that the video exceeded expectations. The creative process was super collaborative and a fun and exciting experience.

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