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Ursa Major

Ursa Major

In May 2016, Blue Caribou Café—located in Beulah, Michigan—was forced to rebrand after the national brand Caribou Coffee issued a cease-and-desist on the café’s name and logo, citing trademark infringement.


We worked closely with the owners, their employees, and family, researching the origins of the café, the family’s story, and the vibe of the restaurant itself with the end goal of a very personal, completely custom rebrand.


Family plays an important part in the restaurant, as does the Northern Michigan location. Taking this into account, we suggested a new name that the family instantly loved: Ursa Major Bistro.


Along with the name, we also designed a custom logo that includes a mark we refer to as “ladle bear.” Featuring a big blue bear—a nod to the previous name—squished comfortably in a big dipper, the logo takes a literal approach to the Ursa Major constellation while also highlighting one of the restaurant’s tastiest dishes: their soups! The mark also includes a seven-pointed North Star in reference to the seven members of the Chorley family.


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