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My Race Number

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My Race Number


My Race Number asked us to create a custom apparel design studio and eCommerce solution that catered to their specific and demanding audience.


Here’s the deal… My Race Number wanted to provide racers and their fans the ability to create and purchase custom jerseys and apparel—and they wanted to accomplish this by offering a variety of highly customized templates and designs. It had to be something big, something that their customers could use to create an authentic, individual, and expressive brand. By the way, it also needed to work with vector art and illustrator. 🙂


Here’s what we did:


We developed a custom Apparel Design Studio application that allows our new friends to create custom design templates using a program like illustrator. We then gave them the ability to add these custom templates virtually anywhere on virtually any product (the products are also highly customizable) using custom design zones. After that we added the ability to set specific pricing for additional design and product customizations. Then we added a bunch of other bells and whistles to their eCommerce platform to make things extra awesome and extra easy to use.


Oh yeah, we also designed and developed an entire custom website for their super cool Design Studio!


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