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Love Lockhart

Love Lockhart


The Frankfort-Elberta Athletic Association is a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to the management, maintenance, improvement and perpetuation of Lockhart Field in Frankfort and the baseball field in Elberta.


They asked us to help them brand, design, and create a crowd-funding website to help them raise awareness and donations for their local fields—so we got to work!


What we did:


The first thing did was create an identity for the new crowd-funding website, we called it Love Lockhart (which is exactly the local communities sentiment, they really do love Lockhart field).  Once the name was cemented we created a logo that incorporated the core elements of the F.E.A.A. and what they manage. With the identity established, we got to work on the website. The crowd-funding website allows the F.E.A.A. to set-up funding campaigns complete with goals and gives community members to give donations directly the specific projects that speak to them. Think “Go Fund Me” without all the extra fees! 🙂 The website is also fully responsive (like all of our websites) and home to a custom animated graphic header — which we think looks pretty darn cool!


We also created some banners that the F.E.A.A. hung during the local football games (go Panthers!) to build awareness for the site!



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