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For this project, we were fortunate enough to get to partner with Interlochen Arts Academy. For anyone that isn’t familiar, Interlochen Arts Academy is a premier boarding high school where young artists receive top-notch academic training and prepares them for rewarding careers in the arts.


Interlochen already has an awesome and extremely capable in-house marketing team—however, the team found themselves with a whole bunch of project deadlines and not quite enough time! We’ve probably all been there at one time or another. So we partnered together to complete an exciting digital project.


Our partners at Interlochen asked us to create an interactive “Viewbook” template that could be hosted online and shared with students interested in the Arts Academy and the Camp Programs. We jumped at the opportunity   These templates needed to look great on any screen size, have a robust navigation and wayfinding system, support embedded audio/video/high resolution images, most importantly be engaging and interactive!


Here’s what we did:


We built a custom platform based upon a cooperative design process that ticked every box on Interlochen’s wish list.  The final product was an interactive view book with a custom navigation system that works on any screen size.  The custom developed template is easy to use, is completely reusable, and can be hosted virtually anywhere.