My New Assistant

My New Assistant

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Technology | 0 comments

My New Assistant is Smarter Than Yours

360i, a New York-based digital agency recently built software that analyzes and compares the performance of smart assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa—and the early results are really interesting.

As it stands today, Google Home is six times more likely to answer your question than Amazon Alexa. Full disclosure: I’m definitely a Google fanboy and I use the Google Home every day. Even with that said, choosing between the products was a difficult for me. But with the dominating performance from Google, I feel really good about my choice (for now).

Performance aside, Amazon is still the clear financial winner. It currently dominates the voice-enabled speaker device market, controlling over 70%. But hey, let us not forget that Apple recently threw their hat in the ring earlier this month as well, so we’ll see which marketing team wins out in the end.

google home

So, which “Assistant” are you putting your money on?

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